The Lugton Family Trees

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The family tree pages contain details of nearly 8000 people who were born as Lugtons or married into the Lugton family or are descendants. These records are believed to cover most of the Lugtons who have lived anywhere in the world in the last 200 years and many before then but there are bound to be gaps which will be found out.

It has been possible to link most of the people into one of three trees. However there are some individuals who have not been connected, and it is proving challenging to find the links between the family trees which largely stretch back to the 18th century.


In case you are unfamiliar with family trees on the internet, here are some simple guidelines:


There is an index showing each individual, alphabetically by surname.

The index is shown in three formats designed to help you get the information you require. The formats show individuals grouped by family, by pedigree and by descendants and all individuals appear in each segment.

The easiest place to start is probably in the index grouped by family. Clicking on the initial letter of the surname will get you to the relevant part of the index.

Clicking on any individual in the index leads to the information available about that individual being displayed.

The record for each individual in the index segment grouped by family is designed to show for the individual

Date and place of birth

Date and place of death

Father and mother

Date and place of marriage

Spouse and children

with more than one set of marriage, spouse and children appearing if appropriate.

If a date is not known, it is either left blank or a question mark or the word UNKNOWN is shown. If the place is not known, it is left blank. For living people, dates are withheld, but places are shown.

There are links up, down and across the family tree through parents, spouse and children

The records grouped by pedigree or descendant use the same data and present it in such a way as to give a wider picture.


(Click on any tree to view the family trees)


Every family tree and table of genealogical records depends on input from many people.


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have any questions

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