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There are many references to Lugton on the internet. These have grown immensely as the use of the internet has grown and include many duplications. Selections have been made from these references and have been grouped and are listed below.


Family history

There are references to Lugtons on gravestones in graveyards in

Nakusp Cemetery, British Columbia, Canada

Bolton and Saltoun, East Lothian, Scotland

St Mary’s Church, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists records of a number of Lugtons who were killed in the two World Wars.


People exhibiting interest or knowledge about family history involving the name Lugton include

Jim Mann Taylor in the UK working on the name Taylor

Tony Lugton in Australia working on the names Lugton and Pizzey

Ray Robertson in the USA working on the name Robertson

Steve Wilson in the USA working on the name Wilson

Ernest Llewellyn Jones in Australia working on the name Griffin

Andrew Nisbett in the UK working on the names Nesbit, Nisbet, and other spellings

Anne Midwinter in New Zealand working on the name Pheloung

Tom Luke in Australia working on the name White.

The Clan MacDuff claims that the name Lugton is primarily found in MacDuff territory and therefore rightfully belongs to the Clan MacDuff. No proof is given, and there is no history to support this claim – but no other clan seems to claim the name Lugton. The MacDuff claim is also quoted by Oxford University.


Places (see Places called Lugton)

Lugton, Ayrshire, Scotland

There are several references to the village, the brewery, the fishing and the now-defunct railway of which the following may be of interest: for the brewery for a map showing Lugton Water

Lugton, Midlothian, Scotland

The Dalkeith Agricultural Show was held at Westgate Park, Lugton.

Lugton School (Lugton Brae, Dalkeith, Midlothian, EH22 1JX, Scotland) is quoted as having over 100 places for children with autism and severe learning difficulties. The school is also shown as taking part in the Shadow Lands Project organised under the European Union.

Lugton Park, Hamilton, New Zealand

Wiakato University RFC is mentioned by various interested parties.

The history of Atchison County in the north east of the State of Kansas has various references to Mr D T Lugton, who was born in Cincinnati in 1854 and became part of the company Lue and Lugton in 1878. This company was the proprietor of the Lindell Hotel in Atchison County – USA.

Burns night suppers are held at Lugton – UK.

The Hunterian Museum in Glasgow has sharks teeth recovered from the carboniferous dockra limestone of Lugton quarry in Ayrshire and also megalichthys from the lower carboniferous rock around Lugton in Ayrshire.

The Museum of Victoria in Melbourne has the Lugton boiler and Lugton steam engine on show in its Science and Technology collection – These were probably developed in Australia by the Lugton engineering business in Lonsdale Street Melbourne.

In the early 1990s, the Lugton Guest House was located at 29 Leamington Terrace Edinburgh (but apparently is no more) – UK.


Universities and schools

David Lugton has been heavily involved with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) for many years – Australia.

Rob Lugton studied for his Bachelor of Engineering degree at RMIT – Australia.

Helen Lugton was President of the Lancaster University Skiing Club – UK.

Ian W Lugton completed his PhD at Massey University – New Zealand. (see also Publications)

Mary E Lugton is quoted as being a graduate of Melbourne University and having written a book which is classed as "hard to find" – Australia.

Janine Carol Lugton is shown under the Alumni of Presbyterian Ladies College, Melbourne – Australia.

Nichola Jane Lugton is shown under those involved with the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Liverpool – UK.

Alex Lugton and Ora Lugton attended Scott’s College, Sydney – Australia.

Lugton School (Lugton Brae, Dalkeith, Midlothian, EH22 1JX, Scotland) is quoted as having over 100 places for children with autism and severe learning difficulties. The school is also shown as taking part in the Shadow Lands Project organised under the European Union – UK.



Nurse Lugton’s Curtain, written about by Virginia Woolf

This short tale - probably written in 1924 but not published until 1965 - is about the patterns on a curtain that come to life. As Nurse Lugton dozes, the animals on the patterned curtain she is sewing come alive. Virginia Woolf weaves together the fantastic and the ordinary to create a magical world sewn into the patterns of Nurse Lugton's curtain. It could be available from Myra Dean Illustrated Books, Crossways, Bealuh, Powys, LD5 4UB – UK.

Ian W Lugton is author or co-author of various publications in Australia and New Zealand relating to tuberculosis in wild animals and allied subjects. Ian is now involved in the Vertibrate Pest Research Unit in NSW and is contactable on – Australia

Jean Lugton PhD, MSc, MA (Hons), SRN, RNT, HV is Research Fellow, Dept of Nursing and Community Health at Glasgow Caledonian University and is classed as an "experienced hospital nurse". She has written about

Health visitor support for patients with breast cancer
Social support for women treated for breast cancer
Communicating with Dying People and their relatives
and possibly other allied subjects – UK.

Robert C Lugton edited "Teaching English as a second language" published in New York in 1970. This publication is quoted by various users of the internet – USA.

Mick Lugton, is credited as lead author of various Redbooks Technical Manuals from IBM, at the IBM Center, Raleigh – USA.

Alan Lugton has written books and historical notes on Hibernian Football Club in Edinburgh – UK.

Paul D Lugton follows Heart of Midlothian Football Club in Edinburgh, watches the Tour de France, has completed his MSc in Industrial Relations at the University of Stirling, is a democratic socialist and is very interested in politics and current affairs. His website includes a treatise in defense of the Union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.



James Lugton was described as one of the main heroes in the Australian film "BMX Bandits", set in Manley and released in 1983. The plot was described as quite straight-forward - the heroes beat the baddies and got their BMX track. The film featured Nicole Kidman (yes, that Nicole Kidman, later Mrs Tom Cruise) – Australia.

Tony Lugton was heavily involved in the 1980s with the Australian band Pseudo Echo. Tony subsequently worked in the retail side of the music industry in Melbourne – Australia.

Jack Lugton made a film in 1995 about monkeys in Cornwall under the auspices of visual anthropology at the University of Manchester – UK.

John Lugton is involved in production for the Office of Cable Television in the City of Cambridge Massachusetts – USA.



Lugton First National Real Estate was established in New Zealand in 1955 by Bruce Lugton. It now has 5 offices in Hamilton and 1 in Raglan, and is run by Bruce's son David Lugton – New Zealand.

Lugton Inn and Brewery (otherwise known as Scotland Craft Brewers Co-operative) traded from Lugton, Ayrshire, KA3 4DZ, Scotland ( but is no more, having been destroyed by fire – UK.

Jason Lugton of Lugton Consultancy Services Pty Ltd is quoted as a tenant of Warrnambool Business Centre, Warrnambool, Victoria 3280. He provides consultancy on business software and accounting packages. He gives his contact address as The consultancy appears many times on internet as a result of writing web pages for South West Region Disability Services Inc. – Australia.

Page & Lugton, are an Insurance Agency and trade from 613 Great Plain Avenue, Needham, Massachusetts, MA 02192, USA.

Lugton & Co and A Lugton & Sons are shown in some old records as trading from Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Australia from 1870 to 1920. The proprietor (A Lugton) was Alexander Joseph Lugton (1824 - 1894) and the sons were William, Joseph, Charles and Thomas.

Lugton & Lloyd are auctioneers with premises at 67 Kent Street, Frankton, Hamilton, New Zealand. This business was established by Bruce Lugton and is now run by his son Rodney Lugton.



David Lugton is shown as attached to AIMA – Australia.

Peter Lugton is one of the leading table tennis players in Scotland.

Mr D Lugton shares the record for the largest Yellowtail Kingfish caught in New Zealand waters (52 kgs).

Andrew Lugton is shown at 177 Ratu Sukuna Road, Suva, Fiji (

Steve Lugton has multiple websites covering scuba diving, dive sites in the UK and elsewhere and deep water fish photographed while diving – UK.

April D Lugton is at Pascagoula, MS 39567, USA.

Justin Lugton is a contact point at Brunel Ford – UK.

Joyce Lugton is working on the Land Reform Policy Group set up by government to look at land reform in rural Scotland. Joyce is also involved in the prior options review of the Registers of Scotland Executive Agency – UK.

Janet Lugton of New Eltham Joggers has competed in the Hastings Lions Club Half Marathon and the Sevenoaks Triathlon and various other such activities – UK.

PC Billy Lugton has been attached to Thorne Police Station for many years – UK.

Ruth Lugton works for Allingham & Co, Estate Agents in Balerno, near Edinburgh – UK.

Cameron Lugton works as a Public Health Officer for West Hertfordshire Health Authority – UK.

Denise Lugton is shown as the small boat fleet captain of Encinal Yacht Club located at Alameda and sailing on San Francisco Bay – USA

Stephanie Lugton is shown as being in Elkhorn, Wisconsin – USA.

Ralph Lugton in Utah was quoted as one of the organisers of the drive to create Daniel Township – USA. How did it go?

Doug Lugton in NSW is a member of the Topographical Working Group of the Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure – Australia.

Neville Lugton appears in the index for the homepages of – Australia.

Thomas Wright Peter Lugton was secretary of the Old Glasgow Club in 1905 – UK.

The Secretary for Scotland of the European Federation of Sea Anglers is shown as Mrs E Walker of Lugton, Ayrshire KA3 4EE – UK.


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